it's over if he can turn him over 

Masculinity and professional wrestling. How can female bodies interpret and express hypermasculinity? 

Dancers: Amy Espie and Antonia Giomi

Created through Scottish Ballet's Anserinae Choreographic Mentorship Scheme led by Kerry Nicholls. 




Breaking up, falling in love. Where is the barrier between platonic and romantic love? 

Dancers: Emma Smith, Delia Androni, and Anna Dighero

Created through the Hothouse Choreographic Mentorship Scheme in partnership with YDance and Scottish Ballet.



Dùn Éideann 

Grey and Cloudy. The weather of Edinburgh. Choreography by Sam Burkett and Anna Dighero. 



birdz of a feather flock 2gether

Birdz. Ladiez. Flocking and fighting.